Citizen Voice Challenge

Against this background, MyGov in collaboration with NASSCOM and CoE – DSAI is organizing ‘Citizen Voice Challenge’ to provide a platform to the participants to come up with innovative ideas and solutions to resolve / provide automated solution(s) which convert voice notes into text, and analysis for decision making and policy direction.


MyGov has an operational voice helpline, which allows users to call and leave feedback and suggestions. These citizen voice notes are critical in encouraging inclusive and participative governance and fostering key policy initiatives for the government. The voice notes, primarily in Hindi & regional languages, are captured and sent to a team, who analyses the content of the note. The next emerging billion are exploring the internet through a voice-first medium, and to foster their participation in governance and holistically consume their feedback, MyGov is exploring automated solution(s) for converting these voice notes into text, analyzing them and, contextualizing and summarizing them for actionable insights.