Solution Seeker
As a solution seeker you can reinvent the way you approach problems with promising solutions developed by individuals who have braved the spotlight to have their specialised and general solutions tried and tested.
Solution Provider
As a solution provider you are involved in solving some of the most challenging tasks by enterprises.

Why Innovate 2 Build?

  • Solutions to real-time problem statements tailored to suit enterprise requirements.
  • Early access to new disruptive technologies by innovators.
  • Opportunity to establish thought leadership.
  • Be a part of NASSCOM CoE-IoT programs and initiatives.
  • Opportunity to solve real-time enterprise challenges.
  • Free flow and exchange of thoughts amongst the peer group.
  • Mentorship from corporate leaders and visionaries.
  • Be a part of a remarkable community of innovators.

Use cases

FMCG beverage-Smart packaging

Track-ability and multiple packaging of the product that adds to cost.

Manufacturing Analytics Artificial Intelligence Batteries Blockchain Chips IoT
Published At - 2019-05-10 13:22:07
Security for outcomes in medical devices
Created By - Nasscom Partner A

The device should primarily ensure data security

Other Wearable Technologies
Published At - 2019-05-10 13:04:24

IoT and AI solutions to develop integrated wearable solutions These wearables should be able to provide timely updates on liver and kidney anomalies Analytics should provide a clear understanding of the extent and scope of disease

Healthcare Analytics Artificial Intelligence
Published At - 2019-05-10 13:02:22
AR/ VR Solutions for Remote Manufacturing
Created By - Nasscom Partner A

1. A smooth Training aid for installation of mechanical parts • Manuals (Text/pictures) translated to wearable (digital 3D) content • On the job visual/voice assistance to the technician • Interactive (hands free) content w/ voice commands 2. Detection and Feedback mechanism for correct installation • With Real time Go/No-go disposition & database

Manufacturing Analytics Artificial Intelligence IoT Virtual/Augmented Reality
Published At - 2019-05-10 12:23:57

1. Arrival Planning – Schedule inbound stream of aircrafts 2. Helps in connecting passengers , Bags and Crew 3. Disruption Management – Cascading effects of delay 4. Improve aircraft and gate utilization, reduce swaps 5. Streamline the airline and airport operations 6. Improve cross-functional productivity 7. Planning and Scheduling of aircrafts 8. Enhance customer experience

Automobile Analytics Artificial Intelligence
Published At - 2019-05-10 12:21:10

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